Things I would like people to stop mocking Trump for:

His hair. Stop making fun of his physical appearance.

His skin color. Stop making fun of his physical appearance.

His hands. Stop making fun of his physical appearance, especially something he can’t control.

His body/weight. Seriously, I shouldn’t have to explain this.

Being a “draft dodger.” War is not patriotism, and patriotism, AS WE NOW CLEARLY SEE, is not an inherent good. War is immoral and military drafts are immoral and it doesn’t really matter why someone decided to skip out on them, they had every right to do so.

It is petty and hypocritical to mock him for these things. It is also entirely unnecessary, as he has been providing us with legitimate things to criticize approximately every two minutes for the past three years (not to mention the sixty before that). Let’s focus on the racism, the misogyny, the violations of the Constitution, the unethical business practices, and the campaign against reality; leave his fucking “girth” alone.

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  1. Jan Hicks says:

    You’re right, but the less politically engaged/social media gossips/tabloid journalists love the easiest targets. Wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t? Perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are now.

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