This blog is mostly about books, but I don’t write book reviews. My posts here are better described as free-form essays, frequently focused on a book I’ve read recently. Some are very, very long and contain a lot of analysis. Some posts have fewer than five sentences. Some include photos I took while reading the book, because I’m a documenter. (Why isn’t “documenter” actually a word? We specifically don’t have an alternative that means the same thing—one who documents something—without being too limited in scope or geared toward a particular industry or setting. Well, I am a person who documents things, and “documenter” needs to be a word. Someone make it so.)

My favorite way to meet someone is by looking through their books, and it’s the only way I know how to really introduce myself. These are some of my all-time favorites, each for different reasons.

Books are my best friends and I’m a fairly eclectic reader, so the more of these books you have in common with me, the more likely it is that we should be friends.

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  1. Some fantastic titles here!

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  2. Weezelle says:

    I love your list (and your brilliant introduction). Americanah has to be one of my fav books ever. Oh, and Anne. Where would be all be without Anne and Gilbert. I’ve just started Muriel Barbery’s new one – The Life of Elves. Look out for a review in a couple of weeks!

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    1. Gwen says:

      Good, I’ll look forward to seeing what you think! I spotted it on a store shelf a couple weeks ago, so it’s on my list.

      I can’t wait for Adichie to write more books; I read all of hers in a few months and I loved them.


  3. Zezee says:

    A change in beliefs usually happens in our 20s, I’m starting to think. I’m going through a change as well. It’s really hard to let go of what’s learned since childhood.

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    1. Gwen says:

      For me, dealing with the aftermath is harder—the fact that I don’t belong in my old communities anymore. But I guess mine may have been a more dramatic shift than most people have. Your twenties are definitely the time for that to happen, anyway.

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      1. Zezee says:

        It seems so. It is a huge shift to change communities/friend base because they influence how we define ourselves.

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  4. vivjm says:

    Just followed you over from your link on Goodreads FAB Club :-). Love seeing all your book covers there. I really must get to Americanah because I absolutely loved Half of a Yellow Sun.

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    1. Gwen says:

      Yay! I automatically want to say that you’ll love it too, because I loved them both, but I suppose that’s not necessarily true. Americanah is very different, since it doesn’t take place during a war, but if I had to choose between them I would probably prefer it. I love her commentary, as a “non-American Black,” about race in America.

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  5. Joey says:

    Wow, I do love your blog! It’s worth visiting! Keep it up! I’m now one of your avid fans. 🙂


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