If you come across a broken link to one of my posts, you can change “darkwillow1980” to “iwilltellyoumine” in the URL, and it will work. Just copy from here, double click on “darkwillow1980,” and paste. This happened when I imported all my posts to the new blog, and if there’s a better way to fix it than one by one, I haven’t found it yet. I change them when I can, but there are a lot to do.

This blog is named after Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese,” twice; in the URL (“tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine”) and in the title (“meanwhile the world goes on”).

My “reviews” are not real reviews, at least not always, but I have such a terrible memory that I forget major plot points of even my favorite books within only a few days of finishing them. I started writing about them to help myself remember what I thought. Unfortunately the ones I write about are a fraction of the total books I read; I keep thinking I should try to do more, even if some books only get a few sentences. But I use Goodreads to keep track of everything that doesn’t make it here.

My book, movie, and TV choices: They change sometimes, usually in the direction of me removing something from the list (rather than adding something I’d previously decided not to include). The reason is that I constantly question my old opinions, so unless something is either active in my mind or really really impressed itself on me, I will always second-guess it after a while, and then I don’t feel comfortable claiming it as a favorite until I can refresh my memory and make sure I still feel the same way.

My photos: I don’t take them purposefully for the blog, but just because I like to take pretty pictures of books/nature/my kitty, especially when those things combine. Then, if I happen to write a post about a book I have a picture of, I’ll use it, which is why sometimes the books are just barely visible.

Quotes: You have to read them. In academic writing you’re never supposed to let the quote make your argument for you, but I’m not following that rule here. When I quote writers it’s because I want their words to make the point, and if you don’t read all those chunky block quotes I include, you won’t get the point I’m building off them.