Writing’s On the Wall

Sitting in my car at the Mesquite library, crying into my Schlotzky’s and Starbucks, which I’d gotten because the tiny break room was full of people and the only way I could survive that job was having an hour alone for lunch. Knowing I’d have to go back in to work soon. It was raining….

True Colors

I have, at this point, pretty much gotten over the loss of all my closest college friends. But it never fails that hearing that Phil Collins song recalls some of my most vulnerable and painful memories. We used to play the board game called True Colors, and I was almost never the one people wanted…

Hopes and Fears / Under the Iron Sea

Songs from these albums make me think of walking around the neighborhood next to Lakeside Village, pushing Liron in his stroller, loving the quiet streets with weird flowers and stop sign graffiti. Fall 2010.

Perfect Blue Buildings

All the most beautiful parts of Salt Lake City, particularly Sugar House and the bookstores there. The Counting Crows concert. Talking to my cousin Sara. Autumn.