INFJ, liberal, feminist, atheist. I work in a public library.

I’ve always loved books, trees, mountains, languages, music, different cultures, maps, geography quizzes, art, literary trivia, Super Nintendo, bread, cheese, spicy foods.

Recent (within the past decade) convert to comic books, anime, post-90s video games, drinking, profanity, the ocean.

I’m learning Japanese, sooo slowly, but hopefully with more success than when I’ve studied French, Hebrew, and Spanish (all of which I’d still like to speak . . . someday).

I read some of pretty much everything, especially literary and Japanese fiction, and have another blog called It’s a long story where I write book reviews. They’re not real reviews, at least not always, but I have such a terrible memory that I forget major plot points of even my favorite books within only a few days of finishing them. I started writing about them to help myself remember what I thought. I use Goodreads religiously to keep track of what I’ve read; I have accounts on LibraryThing and Leafmarks as well, but they’re not organized nearly as completely as Goodreads, and at this point it would be way too much work to keep them up to date.

I use Pinterest mostly as visual comfort food, when I need to look at pictures of all the beautiful places I haven’t been able to go yet. Next to reading, I think travel is the thing I care most about in the world. I feel such strong connections to . . . well, everywhere, almost, although there are certain places in particular that I just feel like my soul belongs. I haven’t been to any of them yet—in fact I’ve never left the U.S., for a variety of complicated and discouraging reasons that all come down to money. I’m not a very optimistic person, but I know if my life is going to be worth anything, it’ll be because someday I was able to make this happen.

I used to have a blog, one I started back in college. I wrote there for several years, largely about random nonsense, but also about politics and religion as I started working through what I believed about both. I stopped writing there about two years ago, and started my book blog about a year ago, but lately I’ve been missing that broader outlet. So, here we are. I make no promises regarding content; most likely, we’ll end up with random nonsense again. Sorry in advance.

You know how you can get to know someone just by looking at their bookshelves? These are some of my favorites, the ones I love and own, or wish I did. If they’re yours too, how about let’s be friends.

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