Fictional Items I Wish I Could Have


Renly Baratheon’s crown, just because it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


Lucy’s cordial, from The Chronicles of Narnia, because health care is motherfucking expensive.


The Pensieve from Dumbledore’s office, because the ability to store my own memories and experience them again would be absolutely priceless.


Elven lembas bread. Because sometimes I can’t believe that feeding ourselves is something we have to do multiple times a day, rather than something we can get taken care of and not have to worry again for a while. One bite for sustenance, and then the only eating I have to do is for fun!


Someone’s bottomless bag, whether it’s Mary Poppins’s or Hermione’s. I’m constantly deciding between my need to carry things with me (phone wallet keys book notebook pen Chapstick headphones acetaminophen jacket tampon water sunglasses tissues) and my desire for simplicity and comfort (only what fits in my pocket, which is basically just the Chapstick, because women’s pants pockets are either nonexistent or fucking useless).


The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, because obviously.

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