Hyperindividualist Circle Jerk

There’s a worldview that puts only one person, oneself, in the lens. People who think this way are entirely self-centered, as in, they are incapable of seeing themselves in any role but protagonist.

The other view is one in which a person sees herself as relative to other people. Those who think this way are able to interpret a situation or dynamic from another’s perspective, realizing that at times they themselves might be playing a supporting role in someone else’s story. Most importantly, they often realize that the explanation which occurs to them first, or makes the most sense to them, isn’t necessarily the correct one. They are capable of withholding judgment. Capable of, and willing to.

I wish I could live in a world where this was the norm. I just do not thrive in a society based around the first worldview (the illusion of total independence and innate superiority combined with aggressive pettiness, selfishness, and plain mean-spiritedness). I can barely imagine what it would be like to live in a world that gave people the benefit of the doubt instead of crouching in the bushes like paparazzi, lying in wait for an opportunity to destroy someone.

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