Harmless Like You, by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan



Four stars, read in May 2018.

Good book, well-written, poignant, frustrating, a little heartbreaking, with a pretty satisfying conclusion.

Emily Woo Zeller is an excellent narrator, but I didn’t care for P.J. Ochlan, who does irritating pseudo-falsetto for female characters’ voices. (Given that I already didn’t like Jay, the character he was narrating, I think I would have preferred this in print. The central conflict between Jay and Mimi made me want to punch both of them in the face for being such incredible dicks to each other.)

There’s enough casual misogyny here that if it hadn’t been a book I’ve been looking forward to by an author I’ve had a particular wish to read for a long time, I probably would have ditched it somewhere in the middle.

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