Things that are just about too much for me right now:

Accidentally reading internet comments. I’ve long had a personal rule against doing so, and I’m almost always good about it, because I know how much I genuinely do not want to know what the general public has to say on literally any topic. And yet somehow, I ended up reading an entire stomach-wrenching thread about Lena Dunham’s recent medical procedure. (That one’s on me; if there’s a no-reading-the-comments rule for the internet in general, there are seventeen additional layers of that rule for any content which mentions Lena Dunham, even if it was posted by Gloria Steinem. Where I wasn’t expecting to run into garbage internet people was in a conversation about how difficult it’s been to watch figure skating.)

I have been learning that the native calendar app on my phone cannot be trusted to give me the alerts I ask it to give me. There were supposed to be three this morning, at 6:50, 8, and 9 am respectively; none of them happened. I’ve had this problem a few times now, but often, in fact usually, they work perfectly. I never know when they won’t.

Last night we got home from work to a pervasive, overpowering smell of paint thinner from an apartment that was remodeled on the other side of the building. Which did not dissipate for the rest of the evening, and in fact lingered in the morning so that I opened the windows hoping it’ll be gone by the time I get home today.

Wednesday morning we got an overdraft fee because the Audible account I thought I had already canceled is in fact still active, and the $16 automatic payment was enough to fuck up our account in a way that hasn’t happened in years. We got paid today so the account is fine again, but I’m not enjoying the reminder of how terrible things were for so many years (or that it wouldn’t take much for things to get that way again).

Assorted work irritations, namely things coming in on hold for my department but then there’s no information telling us why it was on hold for us, i.e. what I am supposed to do with it now that it’s on my desk.

And yes, trying to watch the fucking Olympics, by which I obviously mean figure skating. It has been. just. awful. I’m sleep deprived from missing my bedtime every night this week, because late at night is the only time NBC can be bothered to show it, and even then they cut away constantly to show snowboarding, skiing, or speed skating. I’ve missed most of the important events, because I just cannot fucking figure out when and where they’ll be on. I’ve spent so many hours sitting through muted-but-still-mind-numbing commercials and incessant replays of horrifying crashes and injuries, waiting for the figure skating my broadcast listings tell me should be there. We watched a day or two on NBCSN, until we discovered that that must have been promotional access because now we can’t get it anymore. I spent the next couple days scouring YouTube for clips, but NBC has the rights locked down so all I could get was Julie Donaldson talking about figure skating. I signed up for the free trial of $43/mo Hulu Live TV, which it turns out is unsupported by my version of Roku. I tried to watch it on the PS4, which is the newest piece of technology we own and so was most likely to work (it did not). And now I’m giving up on the Olympics, precisely because of how much I want to watch them—because I’m in a bad fucking place and was planning to be happily distracted by them throughout February, but instead have been intensely stressed by the whole proceeding. I loved watching throughout my childhood but for some reason have missed the last decade and a half, and I was so excited to get back into it. I honestly had no idea being able to watch the Olympics was such a privilege.

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  1. Jan Hicks says:

    I think it’s being able to watch the Olympics on your terms, not a viewer-hungry broadcaster’s, that’s the privilege. And I’m sorry you’re in a bad place.


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