Thor, Vol. 2: Who Holds the Hammer?, by Jason Aaron


Two and maybe a half stars, read in 2016.

I gave the first volume four stars, but this one is disappointing. She’s barely even in it, and it’s not even a full five issues like trades usually are. There are only three issues of actual current story, followed by one about Thor’s friends making her do a bunch of stupid “tests” because they don’t want to accept her now that she’s a woman; one where future (male) Thor has three granddaughters who wear tiny clothes and give their lonely grandfather a birthday present (admittedly a ridiculously cool gift); and one from the 70s where Jane Foster picks up the hammer which makes her lose the love of her boyfriend who turns out to be memory-wiped Thor anyway so he marries Sif and then Odin HITS ON JANE AND THEY GET MARRIED. REALLY.

Basically the theme I’m sensing from the Goddess Thor run is a lot of empty heroines. The minimal story that actually exists is, like I said, barely even about the goddess. It focuses almost exclusively on former Thor (now calling himself Odinson) and Odin himself and their search to find out who’s under the helmet. Freyja continues to talk an awesome game with absolutely zero results. Odin continues to be a sexist fuck. All the badass women in the Marvel universe follow Odinson to wage a fruitless battle against Odin’s Destroyer, which ends only when Odin decides to back off and literally blames Freyja for making him the villain. And of course, the mysterious identity finally revealed . . . In a way that gives them the easiest possible out when they decide they’re done with novelty female Thor and want to go back to the big muscly one. I just feel like this series is not willing to follow through on the spectacular promises it keeps making. Enormous letdown.

(And then this run ended because of the Secret Wars event, and there’s a new run by the same writer that I don’t feel particularly inclined to check out for the aforementioned reasons, but will if someone tells me they’re worth it.)

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