Getting ready for another readathon


I’ve been thinking about the readathon for the whole month since I started hearing about it, and today—it’s currently sixteen hours from the start time in my time zone—I think I’m getting sick. This could be good or bad for the readathon, but it’s too early to say which; if I’m couch-locked for the whole weekend, I’ll have plenty of time to read, but I’ll miss all the fun things I’d planned like going out to breakfast, taking long walks in the (finally) gorgeous weather, and reading in the coffee shop. There’s also the chance that being sick will mean I get no reading done, because sometimes it happens that way now, that I’m feeling so crappy I don’t even want to watch TV or look at my phone, much less hold a book in front of my face. Guess I need to have a few extra audiobooks lined up, just in case.


I went looking through my shelves for all the skinny books I’ve been wanting to read. They’re stacked up in the living room, and I don’t think I’ll try to plan more concretely than that but just let my mood choose in the moment. A few of them are ones I have a lot of TBR guilt about, because I’ve decided multiple times that this time I’m really going to read them, then ended up still not doing it. Who knows, maybe this will be the time.

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