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I think I’d like to merge my blogs.

I’ve been segregating my thoughts, writing only about books here, and only personal thoughts on the other one. But this was never a true book review blog, as I’ve pointed out before; the way I write about books is designed to help myself remember them, not to introduce them to people who haven’t read them. And I write so rarely on the other blog (once or twice a month, most of the time) that it doesn’t really need its own place.

I separated them to begin with because I’m very private, and my life experience has taught me not to share who I really am with the vast majority of people. I blog under a different name for the same reason, but I think it’s time now—as far as I know, no one who knows me in real life reads this, and I might not care anymore if they did. In my thirties I’ve decided that people have to earn a place in my life, they don’t get to just assume one on the basis of being related to me or having known me in the past; if it turns out that someone’s an irrational jerk who only wants to argue and be hateful, then I don’t have to keep them around. I’m just not interested in bullshit anymore, whether it’s other people’s (e.g. heartless political beliefs) or my own (e.g. having different blogs for different parts of myself). My anxiety, introverted personality, and inhospitable environment often force me to take a roundabout path, but really I’m a straightforward person who hates when things are more complicated than they need to be. I’d like my blog to just be my blog, where I write whatever I want to write without adhering to a theme.

Step one: My name is Miri, pronounced like the first part of Miriam. In real life I’m named after my grandmother and great-grandmother; for my blog, I named myself after tough women who make me feel stronger. Gwen was for Gwendoline Christie, who is generally fabulous and plays my favorite character in Game of Thrones (next to Tyrion, obviously). March was for Jo March from Little Women (in my head, forever played by Katharine Hepburn). I have always identified with women who struggle against the expectation to be “girly.”

Step two: I have a lot of thinking to do about formats, because I like the layout of both blogs very much. I’m also hoping WordPress has a feature that will make this easy, rather than importing each post individually. I’ll wait a few days to change the name on my WP account, probably, just to avoid confusing anyone up front. So this will probably take some time, but I think I am going to do it.

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  1. Jan Hicks says:

    I keep meaning to say, I’m glad that you’ve done this. It’s good to be ourselves, even better to feel free to be ourselves. This is something I’m learning. Also, Gwendoline Christie is one of my favourite actors, too. I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but I loved her in the second series of Top of the Lake.

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    1. Miri says:

      The only other thing I’d seen her in was Star Wars, which hardly counts, so I’m excited to look that up! She is just fantastic.


      1. Jan Hicks says:

        She was Lyme in Mockingjay as well – one of Coin’s rebellion commanders. She’s brilliantly weird in Top of the Lake: China Girl.


      2. Miri says:

        Really! I saw the first two movies but for some reason never got around to Mockingjay, so I didn’t realize she was in it. I’ve a bit lost interest in the franchise by now, but I already needed to see it for Philip Seymour Hoffman, so now I really should.


      3. Miri says:

        And I do like brilliantly weird!

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