Well, if one of my goals was to avoid picking up random things that bump others down in the queue, we can say that I have not been entirely successful. But, on the other hand, I am making my way through this list, and I just happen to be finding a lot of really fascinating things right now. The first three were underway when I started this post yesterday afternoon, and a fourth was added when I spontaneously started listening to Slade House by David Mitchell on my way home from work. (I’m using CDs instead of Overdrive on this one, and it’s quite frustrating because I’m already in love with the story and don’t want to have to stop when my drive is over.)

I started The Savage Detectives on audio a couple weeks ago, but I actually was not enjoying it, and that bothered me because I’d been really looking forward to it. I decided to abandon the audio and pick up a print copy, and I can tell already that this was a good decision. Somehow the physical book has an entirely different feel to it, and even just as I was flipping through to find my place, I felt myself being drawn in. I have much higher hopes now for the rest of the book.

Next, incorporating some of the new additions to my queue:

I’ve been wanting to read Annie Proulx and after a conversation with Jan, I’m inspired to do it sooner rather than later. Haven’t decided yet whether I’ll read Postcards or That Old Ace in the Hole, or hey, maybe both. I loved The Shipping News and have been wanting to read more of her work since then, but have been turned off by the generally Western settings. I’m telling my brain to shut up and giving it the chance I know it deserves.

I was feeling like I haven’t done very well with my TBR, but look, I’ve actually finished several in the just-under-a-month since I posted the first list:

And I do still have a few stragglers from the list that I’d like to get to, even though they keep getting bumped down. They might not be on the immediate TBR list, but they’re in the next tier:

On the other hand, I probably won’t pick up the Alice books for a while yet. I always feel that urge for certain rereads, but because they are rereads, they usually get pushed aside for a long time before I decide it’s really time. (Tonoharu is an exception because I’m waiting to post my review until I read it again, although you can see from this very post that the same phenomena has happened to a certain extent.)

And the last one on my list, Jane, Unlimited, is not my fault because I was overexcited and didn’t remember the book doesn’t come out until mid-September. 🙂

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  1. Jan Hicks says:

    I hope The Savage Detectives works better for you in book form. I loved it. I’ve just bought a copy for one of my nephews. It’s that kind of book for me!

    I have Slade House on my book pile. I’m saving it for my birthday on Hallowe’en. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book on the day of its setting.

    And I really hope that you do read more Annie Proulx. I left it far too long between The Shipping News and That Old Ace in the Hole.


    1. Gwen says:

      The Savage Detectives is working much better for me in print, so I am still hopeful. And I brought home both of those Annie Proulx books from the library the other day, so unless I get seriously off track, I’ll read at least one of them soon. How fun to read Slade House for Halloween! Wish I’d thought of that. It’ll be a good one.

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