Because Today We Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

160939I am taking home this book, which I’ve had on my to-read shelf for years, probably. I’m trying to do a thing this year in which I just actually read things, instead of adding to an exponentially-growing list of things I could never possibly get all the way through. (I’m also going through that list, trying to pare it down to a manageable number of books I actually, actively want to read, instead of every random book I’ve ever seen in passing on Goodreads and thought it looked interesting.) And this is one I really want to read.

I made this meme a couple years ago during Black History Month, and I can’t help reposting it every year. Because I just think it’s frustrating the way we use that phrase only to talk about military might, when really, truthfully—is it our military that makes Americans free? I don’t think it is, and I also don’t think it’s right that we pretend all Americans are free. They never have been, not from the very inception of this country, and we are finally the closest we’ve ever been—but we are not there yet. People like this, the activists, the fighters, both literally and metaphorically, they’re the reason we’re as close as we are, and they’re the only way we’ll continue getting where we need to go.


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