Genre Challenge In Translation

From the Goodreads group Around the World in 80 Books.

Now until December 2018

General Rules:
Here is a new challenge to broaden your reading horizons. For this challenge you will read one book from each of 16 of the following 22 genres. The catch is that each book has to be originally written in a language other than English or your native language . Books may be of any length. The genre you claim must also be listed on that book’s main page.

How to begin:
Start your own topic in this thread using your name or nickname as your title. Specify the genre you selected for the book you have read and include the link for your book. Make a new post with each new entry.

Genres (pick any 16):
Classic Fiction (>50 years old)
Contemporary fiction
Graphic Novels/Manga/Comics
History (Non-fiction)
Literary Fiction/Historical Fiction
Mystery (Crime, Detective. Cozy, Noir, etc.)
Non-fiction (Essays, Cookbooks, Self-help, True crime, etc.)
Science Fiction/Dystopia
Short Stories
Travel Writing
Wildcard (Any genre or sub-genre not mentioned)
Young Adult/New Adult

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