Blogs I Like

Mostly book blogs, but there are a few whose authors write about their personal lives and other things as well as books.

Angry Asian Man

The Belle Jar

The Bias

BongBong Books

The Book Satchel

The Book Stop

Bookie Mee

Bookishly Boisterous

Books Are My Favourite and Best

Books I Done Read

Brian’s Babbling Books

Bronte’s Page Turners

Brown Books and Green Tea

Curiouser and Curiouser

Dreaming of Espresso

Elena Square Eyes

The Emerald City Book Review

Feminist Texican Reads

Fox on an Island


He Waited on the Couch to Die

Identity Theory

If Books Could Blog

Incessant Scribble

It’s Lit Club

Lemons and Libraries

The Lit Mermaid

A Little Blog of Books

The Nerds of Color

Pages and Margins

Read Diverse Books

Read in Colour

Reading (As)(I)an (Am)erican

The Reader’s Room

Rethink the Rant

Seoul Searching


Tend a Rose

This Is My Secret


Ursula and Banana

What I Think About When I Think About Reading


Word Contessa

Words and Leaves

Zezee with Books

Blogs that haven’t been updated in a while but I wish they would:

Effusions of Wit and Humour

The Eggplant Emoji

Face It, Tiger!

Get Your Reading On


Mara Wilson Writes Stuff

Marvel Made Me Do It

Question with Boldness

Read Inga Read

The Readventurer

Seasons of Words

Things are Booking Up


Discover Japan


Japanese Professor


Nihongo wo manabu

Otaku Village Blog

Tokyo Five

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