The One with the Blue Cover

It happened, everything is awful, and I can’t think, much less review books. I actually had these in my drafts anyway because I love color, and I love to look at book covers. So that’s what we’re going to do for a few days now, until I recover and/or wake up from the nightmare that is the United States of America.

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  1. Zezee says:

    Feeling the blues.

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    1. Gwen says:

      I had started green and red, too, but blue was obviously the most appropriate color to post today.

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  2. SilvrMoon says:

    Aargh, they’re all so beautiful. Definitely need to check some of these out to distract myself from the depressing reality.

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    1. Gwen says:

      Aren’t they? And all but one or two are ones I loved, so I could recommend pretty much any one of them.

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      1. SilvrMoon says:

        I want Ghosts and Drama so bad, but then I say that about a book almost every month. Reading is an expensive hobby.

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      2. Gwen says:

        Ugh, it really is. I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I didn’t work at a public library. I brought home like fifteen new ones just yesterday.

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      3. SilvrMoon says:

        You’re living the dream! Gosh, I miss living near a library.

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