Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World, by Rachel Ignotofsky


Four stars, read in October 2016.

This was absolutely fabulous. I love the illustrations, and the style is really accessible for any age. There’s a two-page spread for each woman—on the left is a fantastic illustration of the woman surrounded by some of her biggest achievements, along with a quote from her; on the right is a one page biography, along with more illustrations and highlights from her life. My library has it catalogued in the adult nonfiction, but I think children who read confidently could read it just as well.

I feel like there was an effort to include more women of color, which makes it sad that there were so few—a fifth, ten (I think) out of fifty—but we are making progress. Some of the names I remember from Rachel Swaby’s book, and there are some new ones as well, particularly the more modern. There were also a few startling typos: the word “contiguous” used where “contagious” was meant, a missing word in one place, and (most egregious to me) the misspelling “suggragist.”

Overall, this is an excellent resource and one I’m inventing a reason to buy my niece immediately. She’s only seven, but with the glossary for all the scientific terms, she shouldn’t have a problem. I’d like to own a copy myself, too; it’s a beautiful book visually, and you can never be surrounded by enough brilliant women in STEM.

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  1. foxtaylor says:

    This book looks great!!!

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    1. Gwen says:

      I loved it.


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