Ms. Marvel, Vol. 5: Super Famous, by G. Willow Wilson


Two stars, read in October 2016.

This was my least favorite Ms. Marvel, very disappointing after how completely fabulous the previous four have been. I just felt stressed the whole time as she piled fuckup on fuckup, and then I was unsatisfied by the ending. There was a lot of moralizing, but where I usually love that about Kamala Khan, this time I thought the conclusions were hollow. We’re meant to believe that she pushed herself so hard because the Avengers were putting pressure on her, but I’m pretty sure she was prioritizing Avenging because she fucking loves being an Avenger. The day that she thinks her family and school obligations are all being taken care of, that’s the day she feels free. The only reason she would’ve had to “learn” the “lesson” that her brother’s wedding is more important is if she’d thought they were completely mutually exclusive, and there was no reason for her to think that, nor was it ever indicated that she did.

We’re also expected to believe that Bruno and Mike have a fantastically adult, intellectually and emotionally intimate soulmate-level relationship after six weeks of dating in high school, so that’s pretty gross. I’m surprised because this comic is usually SO much more thoughtful than to use such a crappy YA cliche.


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