Where Am I Now?, by Mara Wilson



Four stars, read in September 2016.

I discovered the grown-up Mara Wilson on Twitter earlier this year, and I was excited to learn she had a book coming out. Like many women our age (including Mara Wilson, who is two years younger than me), I was strongly influenced by Matilda as a child. There were so few characters like her, girls whose intelligence is what makes them strong. Both the book and the movie were important to me, and I felt like she was my friend.

I had a whole post written out, but it actually got really personal, because it turns out that I have a lot of anxieties in common with Mara Wilson. Since it wasn’t a review, just a list of all the things I really connected with, I decided to post it on my personal blog instead (of course you’re welcome to read it over there). As far as a review goes, I haven’t been able to find much else to say; if you liked the movie as a child, if you have anxiety yourself, if you find accounts of celebrity childhoods interesting, or if you want to read the thoughtful words of a smart, slightly cynical woman in her early thirties, you will probably like this book. I hope she’ll be writing more.

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