Silk, Vol. 0 and 1, by Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee

Four stars, read in September 2016.

This is a great story, and I’m so excited about Silk/Cindy Moon as a character. As with Spider-Gwen, it was frustrating to be reading volume zero—basically a prequel in itself—and still have tons of backstory missing from all the Spider-Verse comics. Robbie Thompson does a pretty good job filling it in, but it drives me crazy to not be starting at the very beginning of a character’s story. Of all the Marvel comics I’ve seen, I think the Spider characters are hardest for a new reader to jump in with.

I loved Stacey Lee’s artwork, but hated Tana Ford’s and Annapaola Martello’s (thankfully Lee does the majority of the issues). Martello’s in particular reminded me of one of the Sunday comics I used to read as a kid, although I can’t remember which one—you know that really loose illustration style, where everyone’s eyes are tiny and the faces look almost as though you’re seeing them through a warped pane of glass? It really didn’t fit with the story, and was even worse in contrast with Lee’s style.

I loved the inclusion of so many other characters in volume one—Spider-Woman, Mockingbird, and Black Cat all play significant roles. I especially like Black Cat’s thing about there being no streets, and I hope Thompson isn’t going to throw her under the bus the way writers usually do with a “villain” who seems to be shaking up the black and white, overly simplistic good guy/bad guy dichotomy.

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