Lumberjanes, by Noelle Stevenson


Four stars, read in August 2015.

This is a fabulous, diverse, female-led fantasy series about the girls at a summer camp “for hard-core lady-types.” The Millennial humor is a little much for me, but mostly it’s fun. I love all the exclamations referencing women from history—”what the Joan Jett,” “oh my Bessie Coleman,” “holy Mae Jemison!”—and I had to look up a couple, which was even better, because now I know about ones I didn’t before.

The Lumberjanes (two of whom are named Jo and Ripley, in what I sincerely hope are allusions to Little Women and Alien) are smart, strong, capable, and brave. They always look out for each other, and they recognize each other’s strengths. The girls are so fun, and would have been my IDOLS if I’d gotten to read about them when I was a kid. I hope they never stop writing this comic.

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