In Which I Finally Read My Free Comic Book Day Haul

Yeah, it took me this long.

Mike and I got our free comic books together, and we each bought one or two at the same time, which I also did not read until today. How can it take me several months to read a 25-page comic, you ask? This is a good and unanswerable question.


Bob’s Burgers: Weird artwork, same great (and also weird) characters. I love the show, and I’ve been wanting to read the comics for a while. Need to do that.

Archie: I loved the comics as a kid, and I already knew Fiona Staples’s artwork was brilliant from reading Saga. But I wasn’t at all sold on the idea of this reboot until I read it. Somehow it works really well, and I’ll gladly read more issues when I get hold of them.

We Can Never Go Home / Young Terrorists: Both intriguing—Young Terrorists a little more so than We Can Never Go Home—and starring fascinating female characters. I can see these being the kind to fall off my radar if they never turn up at any of my libraries, but if I come across them, I’ll definitely check them out.

The Legend of Korra: Fun in a kid way, but I was disappointed that Korra was so short. I hadn’t even noticed that half of it was How to Train Your Dragon, and then there was this kid-noir thing at the end.

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money was fine, but nothing special. And Black Panther, actually, I was surprised to think was only okay. If it weren’t for who the author is, I probably wouldn’t be interested in continuing, but I want to at least read the first collected volume when it’s released. Black Panther’s an interesting character, but I actually don’t like the way this is written. The language seems . . . I don’t know, almost biblical, which is never a draw for me. Great artwork, though, minus whoever that woman is (Zenzi) with the green half-shirt that actually looks very cool but is an absurdly impractical item of clothing. The perspective changes between panels, and in at least one you can tell that if that thing were real it would fully, completely show her breasts. So that’s silly.

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