Get Your Shit Together, Facebook

This year is the tenth anniversary of the last summer I had with my friends in college.

It was the last one before we all started dating the people we ended up marrying, and since I was Mormon at the time, that meant it was the last summer before all my guy friends just suddenly disappeared from my life. (Seriouslysome of the ones I’d been closest with didn’t even invite me to their weddings less than a year later. I guess Mormon men don’t know how to be friends with women if there’s no chance of dating them.)

My female friendships lasted a little while longer—a few years, in most cases, until it became clear that I’d become a heathen liberal, and then they were gone too.

So this year, all summer long, Facebook has been shoving these “memories” in my face.

The thing is that it was a really fun time in my life, and some of them are great memories to look back on. But every time I consider sharing one, I remember that none of the people in the photo talk to me anymore, and in fact I’m not even Facebook friends with most of them now, so who would I be sharing it for? So then I don’t, and I feel sad for a little while instead.

Doesn’t it feel like Facebook should have an algorithm to handle this sort of thing?



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