Books I Feel Differently About Now That Time Has Passed

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First, foremost, and probably most obviously: Twilight.

I read this series as it was released, when I was in my early twenties. My college roommates took a course in young adult literature as part of their degrees in education, and we all ended up reading these books together. We were young conservative Christian girls, pining after boyfriends and not yet having discovered feminism; unhealthy romantic relationships were right up our alley. I devoured these books, went to the release parties at Borders, had a signed copy of New Moon.


Not having read them in about ten years, I can’t tell whether I would like reading them again solely for the nostalgia, or if even that wouldn’t be enough to make it enjoyable. We may never find out.


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle / The Omnivore’s Dilemma

I adored these books when I read them a few years ago. I still appreciate them for their beautiful writing and fascinating stories, but I’m not on the slow food soapbox like I was back then, so they don’t mean quite the same thing to me now. I see them as well-written, interesting literary memoirs, not handbooks for how to live (and eat).


Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. These are the first two Rainbow Rowell books I read, and I loved them. After thoroughly disliking Landline and Attachments, I feel like these have been retroactively taintedalthough I won’t go so far as to say I don’t like them anymore, just based on that. I’d probably have to read them again to find out for sure, and that probably won’t happen for a long time (if ever) just because I have so many other things that are a much higher priority.


Mormon fiction I loved as a kid (when I was Mormon). These were amazing to me back then, but there’s certainly no point in reading them if you’re not Mormon. I’m sure I couldn’t stomach them now.


And, finally, in the other direction: graphic novels, comics, and manga (and anime, which is usually based on manga). I have grown to love a huge genre that, for no reason I’m aware of, I used to totally dislike. Graphic novels and international literary fiction are practically all I’ve been reading for the past several months, and I am loving it.

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  1. rattlethestarssite says:

    LOVE graphic novels. I also didn’t like them and thought they were juvenile but how wrong I was! Any recommendations from your recent reads?

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    1. Gwen says:

      Of course! I finally got to read Giant Days by John Allison, which was great. It’s funny with great characters. Loved volume three of Rat Queens, which is currently my favorite comic, though there’s been some trouble with the artists that is distressing. I don’t know if you’re into superheroes, but Elektra, Vol. 1: Bloodlines was excellent. I’ve never been into Batman but I read The Killing Joke, by Alan Moore, and it was stunning. I don’t generally like westerns, but Copperhead by Jay Faerber is about a female sheriff in space, which is pretty cool. And if you’re interested in manga, I loved High School Debut—which was a pleasant surprise because I’m not usually thrilled by teen romance.

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      1. rattlethestarssite says:

        This is awesome! I love superheroes! I have read a bunch of the Winter Soldier/Black Widow comics/novels. I’m going to go book shopping in the next few weeks and will definitely look for some of these titles. Yay! Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂


    2. Gwen says:

      I also loved Roller Girl, by Victoria Jamieson, which I could recommend for people of almost any age, though it’s targeted at middle grade / young adult audiences.

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  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I’m not enamoured with Eleanor And Park anymore, sadly. GAH. I mean, I still adore Fangirl!! But E&P just didn’t do much for me at the time and now I wonder why I even rated it high?!?! WEIRDNESS. 😛 Here’s my TTT!

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    1. Gwen says:

      If I do read them again, I think it’s likely that Fangirl will hold up better for me than Eleanor & Park. I really did like E&P at the time, but it’s like a switch flipped sometime in the past couple years, and I just can’t stand almost any YA romance anymore.


  3. I agree with Twilight (as it seems a lot of others do as well!)

    My TTT is here:

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