What’s Next, Because I Keep Forgetting:


For several weeks now I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump—making my way slowly through some fiction and nonfiction, but finding that graphic novels are the majority of my finished titles, and everything in general takes me longer than usual. I’ve been reading Hotel Iris, by Yoko Ogawa, and The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy, and for some reason the first half of each book took me several weeks. Then, inexplicably, it’s like I was jumpstarted a couple days ago. I’m done with Hotel Iris, getting through the Hardy pretty quickly, and there’s a lot on my TBR shelf that I’m really excited to pick up next.

The non-graphic novels, in this order:


Interspersed with, as I have time (and in no particular order), these graphic novels/manga/comics:

Afterward, I need to start looking at Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon, An Echo of Heaven by Kenzaburo Oe, and the Bowie biography I took home last night. Then we’ll see what’s left.

Do you ever dream of a day when your TBR shelf is completely empty? I do. I would really love to be able to accomplish that this summer. And then, of course, I will immediately fill it again.

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  1. Zezee says:

    Yep, I sometimes do dream of that too. I wish that I’d already read the majority of books on my shelves. That would make me feel better about buying them.
    Well, to help you get out of your slump, you could try the Try a Chapter Tag

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    1. Gwen says:

      Hmm, that sounds interesting! I will have to consider it. Although I like how she went from doing books on her TBR shelf to bringing home five totally new books. 🙂

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  2. Zezee says:

    Totally didn’t expect the video to show. Pretty cool.

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  3. Jan Hicks says:

    I both love and hate that slump that happens. It’s exasperating when I’m in the middle of it, but then makes the return to full reading power more delicious.

    I have the Elena Ferrante on my TBR. I’ve given up all hope of ever clearing my pile!

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    1. Gwen says:

      I hate it when it’s happening, but when it ends, that really is the best feeling.


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