It’s Time For More Women of Color in Comic Book Movies — PANELS


It’s official: we’re all mad for Black Panther. You could argue, if you wanted, that people’s enormous reaction to Black Panther’s inclusion in Captain America: Civil War indicates just how thirsty fans are for representation in comics and related media. And even as we celebrate an awesome showing of an awesome character in a huge summertime popcorn blockbuster,…

via It’s Time For More Women of Color in Comic Book Movies — PANELS

This is such an excellent, excellent list. I would see all these movies and I am more than a little heartbroken that I probably won’t get to. There’s a comment at the bottom, someone saying how much they would love to see a teaser at the end of the Captain Marvel movie showing Kamala Khan putting up a poster of Captain Marvel in her room . . . I have chills, that idea is so fantastic.

One of these days, movie studios have got to realize they’re holding themselves back with their obsolete obsession with white guys. It is still a discouraging landscape, but no matter how long they drag it out, eventually, of necessity, it will change. Maybe then we can see some of these kickass women kick said ass onscreen.

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  1. Few things would make me happier than seeing Kamala Khan as Captain Marvel! 😍


    1. Gwen says:

      Wouldn’t her movie franchise be amazing? I think she’s the one from that list that we’re most likely to get, and that would make me very happy.


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