Hinterkind, Vol. 1: The Waking World, by Ian Edginton and Francesco Trifogli


Two and a half stars, read in December 2015.

Pretty good—maybe even three stars—but somehow not as good as the premise set it up to be. It’s a very interesting setting, despite how tired I am of dystopian everything; the mythical creatures and lush, almost tropical takeover of nature are at least a nice change from the usual zombies and urban desolation where everything is a shade of black or gray.

The main character is a teenage girl (I think? It’s actually a little hard to tell for sure who the protagonist is, if there’s just one) and she’s got the whole exceptional archery thing happening, which is for some reason very popular with teenage girl protagonists.

Everything just seemed like it could have been done better. The dialogue in particular was awful, with trite phrases on nearly every page that I swear must just be lifted straight from a Book of Cliches that comic and movie writers are all consulting. And there’s a whole lot of interspecies politics that I felt pretty apprehensive about—different groups wanting to wipe out other groups—but I won’t find out how it’s handled because I’m probably not going to keep reading the series. Maybe some other time, because I was intrigued enough by the end to be curious about what happens next.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I read this a while back and had basically the same reaction. Decent concept… couldn’t been better (and has been done better elsewhere). I never really felt compelled to read any more of the series.

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