Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Vol. 1, by Gail Simone


Three stars, read in September 2015.

I did not realize, and ended up loving, that this was an anthology, each comic produced by a different team. Only one was terrible: “No Chains Can Hold Her,” in which Supergirl and Mary Marvel feature, which is cool, but (1) I truly hate the Golden Age illustration style, (2) holy over-the-top sexist villains never appropriately comeuppanced, and (3) why did Supergirl’s skirt keep changing from red to blue??

We see Wonder Woman subbing for Batman in Gotham, commanding Catwoman and Harley Quinn as honorary Amazons, and as an actual rock star, taking two awed teenage girls under her wing.


My favorite couple pages are from a story that’s otherwise only okay, in which she steps in to support a boy whose friends are mocking him for liking a girl superhero. The obnoxious friends then goggle, awestruck in her wake.


Not as good as the New 52, but a fun read nonetheless.

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