The Wicked + The Divine, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Four stars, first volume read in August 2015.

I couldn’t believe it when I realized that the volume I read first was actually volume two. It happened to work out very well—it didn’t take me long to figure out what was happening, so even though I was obviously coming into a story in progress, I thought that was just how Gillen chose to begin. I caught up on volume one afterward, and now volume three is out as well, and I just love the series.

It’s a fantastic premise, brilliantly executed: the gods are reborn every ninety years, to live as humans for two years—as celebrities, essentially—and then die. I love the way the characters are designed visually, especially the protagonist, Laura. This is another comic that should have significant appeal to fans of Saga, though from what I’ve seen, it has much less consistent success. Not everyone loves it as I do.

Somehow I thought volume one was less cohesive than volume two when I read it without background. Like, I don’t think they did a good enough job justifying the intensity of Laura’s depression . . . From volume two I assumed there’d been some kind of romantic relationship with Luci, but it turns out she’s just that big a fangirl? I don’t know. Regardless, I am basically transfixed by the visual beauty of these characters, and simultaneously annoyed that they’re so over-the-top gorgeous. I’m dying to be able to pull off a look like Cassandra, Laura, or Luci.

McKelvie was absent for the artwork in volume three, and I was disappointed about that, because his illustration is most of what makes me love WicDiv so much. The story is starting to pull together, though, and he’ll be back in the next volume (at least the artists who filled in for him did so very well). Impatient waiting has commenced.

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  1. Zezee says:

    Hmm, in that case I’ll give volume 2 a try. I read volume 1 but it fell flat for me. I didn’t get why Laura cared so much. But I absolutely loved the art. Some of the best I’ve seen in comics, which isn’t saying much since I haven’t read much comics.


    1. Gwen says:

      I’m actually glad I read the second book first, because I think I would’ve felt the same way about volume one and maybe not gone on with the series. The story does start to come together, it just takes a little time. And I agree, the artwork is incredible!


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