Flu Reading

The one good thing about being sick from Saturday to Thursday is that you can at least catch up on some reading. Actually, I felt so terrible that for the majority of Sunday and Monday, I didn’t do anything but look at my phone, since it’s lighter than a book and doesn’t require me to wear my glasses. But even so, that still left me with several days of reading time. I read Flannery O’Connor for the classics challenge, was (sadly) disappointed by Battling Boy, finished Ghostwritten, and breezed through most of Ready Player One.

I’m glad I finally picked that one up again; I’d started it on my road trip to Austin at the end of January, but the audio narration by Wil Wheaton—a bonus, at first—actually ended up being a hindrance. (I love Wil Wheaton, but combined with how over-the-top the book itself is, it was just too much.) Once I got into the print version, it started going a lot smoother. I’m now three-quarters of the way through, but I’m also back at work, so I’m hoping to finish it this weekend.

Now I just have to start planning my travel reads for next week! I’m going to San Fransisco, and even if I don’t read anything during the week, there’s still eight hours of plane time to consider.

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