Captain Marvel, by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Four stars, first book read in August 2015.

It’s a tough contest, but Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez’s Captain Marvel might be the most badass woman I know in comics. Her closest competition is Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman, and I can’t quite decide between the two—my first thought when I finished Blood was how desperately I want a crossover “so she and Captain Marvel can hang out together. Can you even imagine the ass-kicking?” I can, and good lord, it would be amazing.

The wedding storyline in Stay Fly was on the silly side, and there was a rhyming thing I didn’t love, but as usual, Carol is strong and funny and good and compassionate and unfailingly glorious.

Alis Volat Propriis (which I have to look up every single time in order to remember how to spell it; it means “she flies with her own wings,” which is fantastically awesome and appropriate) is DeConnick’s last Captain Marvel, which makes me actually want to cry. I’m really behind the times finding out about this awful news, but I can only hope as hard as I can that the movie will be incredible, and that maybe we’ll get another equally awesome run after the Secret Wars reboot (or whatever is actually happening). Carol Danvers faces some really emotional moments in volume three, and they were so beautifully rendered. It’s a great way for us to say goodbye too, if we have to.

Read-alike: Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood, by Brian Azzarello

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