The Wild Girls, by Pat Murphy

Four stars, read in March 2012.

I liked this book so much. The wild girls, Newt and Fox (Joan and Sarah), are so lovable, and their story is lovely to read. It deals with serious issues but is neither too heavy nor too lighthearted in its treatment of them—just right, I think, for the age group.

The characters are fun, especially the Berkeley crowd, but surprisingly kind and wise as well. The girls are taking a summer writing course and they meet stilt-walkers, face-painters, and a young free-thinking teacher who helps them understand others in their lives through their writing. Really just a great book all around.

An interesting addition is that I read the entire thing without knowing, until today when I looked it up to write this review, that it takes place in the 70s. I’m not sure if there just didn’t happen to be anything especially particular to the time period, or if I’m extraordinarily unobservant. The latter is entirely possible.

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