The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley



Five stars, read in October 2015.

 The first several chapters were intriguing enough that I kept reading despite having a very hard time focusing on it, and I will say that it was a bit of a slow start. I got really into it after a while.

I fell completely in love with the middle, tried not to get my hopes up about the ending, and was deeply, preemptively heartbroken for what I felt sure couldn’t happen. The weird thing is that in the end I got what I wanted, but I felt more as though I didn’t. It was too easy, at the very end, and MUCH too hard leading up to that. The whole debacle with Grace and Katsu was so much more stressful than I wanted it to be, and I’m kind of furious with Pulley for going that direction. I don’t think she treated Grace’s character fairly.

My absolute favorite parts were the middle with Thaniel and Mori getting to know each other, and I wish the book could have continued in that beautiful, gentle way instead of going all to hell as it did. I was very emotionally invested here (hence my difficulty deciding what to say after finishing). The bright side is that now that I know how it ends, maybe I can read it in the future with less stress and just appreciate the relationship that was so sweet and beautiful to me.

Disclaimer: This book probably doesn’t really merit five stars, and I know that. The denouement was pretty haphazard (I was fine with it, but I know many readers had trouble following the somewhat scrambled plot). There seemed to be a number of editing failures, as well. This is Pulley’s first book, and I think that’s noticeable. But I loved it.

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