Strange Fruit: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History, by Joel Christian Gill


Four stars, read in May 2015.

This graphic novel is excellent all around, from premise to style to illustration to content. I don’t think he profiles a single woman, which is fairly lame. But I loved everything else, especially the way he illustrates Jim Crow, which is so absolutely fantastic.

I learned afterward that some poetic license has been taken with a few of the stories, like those of Henry Brown and Theophilus Thompson. Some of the stories I knew, like Bass Reeves, but most I didn’t, and I love nothing more than expanding our narrow Eurocentric history to include everyone else who was shut out. Loved the random pop-cultural references, too, like someone standing on Platform 9 ¾ in an illustration, and “assistant to the regional manager” being listed in his bio on Goodreads.

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