Goddesses: A World of Myth and Magic, by Burleigh Muten


This book is essentially an encyclopedia of goddesses. Starting with A—Aataentsic (Iroquois); Aditi (Hindu); Ama-terasu (Japan); Aphrodite, Artemis, and Athena (Greece)—and going through the alphabet to Z—Zaramama (Peru), Zoe (Gnostic), the Zorya (Czechoslovakia)—there’s a short description of each goddess and her powers, along with a pronunciation guide to their names.

I love the illustrations by Rebecca Guay. My favorites (that I could find online) were Athena, the Junkgowa sisters, Yemoja, and Elli arm-wrestling Thor.


One of my favorite goddesses is the very first one, Aataentsic, whose husband was jealous that her power was stronger than his own. He dared her to jump through a hole in the sky so he could get rid of her; seeing the beautiful world below, Aataentsic dove through and landed on the back of the giant turtle that became Turtle Island (the Earth).

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