Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson


Four stars, read August 2011.

This book is really, really exciting. Brandon Sanderson is pretty much the master of the last-minute completely-unforeseeable twist. I want to start The Well of Ascension, but since I have a queue of about twenty books on the bookshelf by my bed, I can’t decide if I want to bump the whole series up to the front or wait and merge them into the list.

I’ll be honest, even while I was finding it really interesting, I wasn’t completely hooked until fairly close to the end. In fact, for most of the book I was wondering why I wasn’t feeling more invested, because of course the story is well done, and I really liked the characters. Maybe it was because of the unbelievably irritating way BS has of starting sentences with conjunctions—which doesn’t bother me—and following them with a comma—which does. Literally two or three times in a paragraph, he’ll say things like:

“Yet, he had to be stronger than he looked.”
“Yet, no one stopped them as they passed through the room.”
“But, there’s more.”
“But, not like you and me, right?”

I can’t remember if Elantris was like this, but it’s such an irritating thing to have to force myself to ignore every few sentences.

Yes, that’s my only real complaint; the book is pretty fantastic otherwise. I love that Brandon Sanderson is such an accessible fantasy writer. He’s much easier to read than a lot of high fantasy writers, so if you’re thinking about exploring the genre, Sanderson is a great place to start.

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