2014 Stats


Number of books read: 208

Of those…

48 were adult fiction
26 were adult nonfiction
22 were young adult
28 were middle grade
approximately 70 were children’s picture books
6 were juvenile nonfiction
32 were graphic novels
15 were audiobooks

I reread 24 books: the Harry Potter series, The Poisonwood Bible, Mary Poppins, Fun Home, and the first fourteen books in the Babysitters Club series. Which I hadn’t read since the late 90s, and which I actually had a lot of fun tracking down at Half Price Bookseven ordering a couple onlinebecause only the first eight were available from any of my libraries.

My favorite of the authors I discovered is obviously Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, but I feel excellent about the prospects with Sarah Waters, Allegra Goodman, David Mitchell, and Hannah Kent, too.

Looking at ratings (on Goodreads, of course), I gave one-star ratings to five books and two-star ratings to ten books, which is a strangely perfect proportion. Three- and four-star books are by far the majority, which I guess must mean one of the following things: that I’m nice in my ratings, that I am easily pleased, or that I do a good job vetting my books before I read them. To be honest it’s probably some of each; maybe slightly less the middle one. I gave three-star ratings to 69 books and four-star ratings to 89, leaving 34 books that got five stars—and if you take out the nine rereads, that means I read 25 five-star books for the first time.

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