Cheaper by the Dozen, by Frank Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

Five stars, read in 2010.

I loved this book.

I checked it out after seeing a friend’s review, but it didn’t really catch my attention so it sat next to my bed for about a week. Then one day I flipped to a random page in the middle and just started reading (it was the part where the dad describes his bathing system for avoiding unnecessary delay) and I thought it was so fun that I started from the beginning.
This book makes me want to have tons of kids and teach them really random things in eccentric ways! I love the Morse code and the Victrolas to teach them German while they brush their teeth, the purchasing committee, the wristwatches for everyone (including the six-week-old baby), the graph paper on the wall so they can see a million things all at once. The story of the parents’ courtship is so much fun, too.
Really, the parents are fabulous characters, and much more interesting than the ones in the movie (which bears very little resemblance to the book). The reading goes quickly and is just heartwarming and funny the whole way through.

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